Bespoke Painting Services

I painted this Grey Knights venerable dreadnought in a grey colour scheme, rather than the traditional metallic style.


I felt like I wanted something different from the usual scheme, as so many people do Grey Knights the same way. I also painted up all the other gun options so I have a choice on the battlefield.


Perhaps you want an impressive centrepiece model?


Feel free to email me for a discussion and/or quote at:

This space marine captain is from a chapter of my own devising. I kit bashed components from several space marine kits to create a unique character.


I started with a desert ochre colour as a base, then worked up through shading and layering to the highlighted bone top layer.


If you would like a single character painted to lead your army, or a whole squad, I can do this for you. If you want an existing colour scheme, or one of your own devising, again, that is possible. Just let me know what you would like by getting in touch at:


Another bespoke space marine character. I have to say, I am pretty keen on having unique characters in my armies, so I know mine is the only one of its kind.


This is a fairly traditional librarian colour scheme, but the parts to build him actually came from five different kits .


Do you want an interesting kit bash or conversion? Drop me a line and I can look into it:


Remember the T'au from the snow display board? Like I said, anything goes, from the mightiest hero to the lowliest footsloggers.


Do you want a larger number of models painted? Have you got an army that you would love to get on the table top, but it has been sitting undercoated in a box for too long?


I can help you to mobilise your forces for battle. contact me at:

This avatar is the centrepiece of my eldar/aeldari army.


After cutting off the hair section to make it a little different, I worked up the miniature through the colours from dark red up to white to create the impression that the model is hottest at the top. I also added the smoke effect to look as though he is actually burning.


Is there a particular monstrous creature you have your eye on, but want something special for the paint job?


Let me know what you are looking for - email me at:

As well as custom wargaming boards, I also offer miniature painting services. The models above illustrate the quality of my miniature painting.


I do not have a specific range here - choose your miniature or miniatures and let me know how you would like them to be painted. However, my experience is mainly with Games Workshop products e.g. Warhammer, Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Warhammer Fantasy etc.


Typically, the service will cost the price of the miniatures (you can buy these yourself and ship them to me, or I can incorporate that into the overall price) plus a fee for the painting and modelling. This will vary depending on the miniature and the complexity of the job.


Best thing to do is tell me what you want and I can put together a quote - you guessed it! Email me at: